Presentation planning progress


This week we have been further looking into various aspects of our final presentation for our NGO. After feedback from our tutor about our story board we came to realise that it was not direct enough and did not portray exactly what we wanted it to. We therefore went back to the drawing board and refined our script to be more relevant and to the point, to leave our watcher (especially our NGO) with no reason to be distracted or doubt our solution we want to present to them. We now believe that our new script gets straight to the point and lets our NGO know exactly what we believe they should do. We have therefore updated our story board to represent this…


As you can see above we have only created a story board for the middle, meaning we have not yet concluded what our intro and conclusion is going to be. We need and are currently collaborating with Found in Transition to form an intro and a conclusion for our collective video.  We also decided that we needed to decide and discuss what method we wanted to use to video we need to find a middle ground which relates to both our videos and situations along with what theme we want to use.

We have not yet finalised how our intro is going to be, we have a lot of ideas though and between our teams we are coming to a conclusion on how we want the script to be and soon, to start filming and creating the intro. We will keep you updated when we have finalised our intro, so keep your eyes open and on our blog!

To add to this, we found from previous experience of creating videos that using mobile phones is not sufficient enough, although the image quality suffices it could be better. We have therefore decided that we want little parts of recorded video in our short video, yet primarily to use animation due to it being a much better way to portray our views and making it look more professional. We further experienced very bad sound recording through previous videos, we have therefore decided that we will use separate phone devices to be able to record sound closer and primarily clearer. An application we have come across to aid this is iTalk which is just a simple sound recording app which uses Apple IPhone software to the maximum. If any of you are interested then here is a link to the download.


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