Last week – Almost done!

Guess what? This is the last week before the exam! Nervous, excited? Of course we are!

As far as you know until now, we tried to have an agreement with the other group about the final video. In order to combine both ideas (animation and story) we came up with the idea of making an animate story!

Furthermore, our big desire is to have a final video which would look professional, graceful and diffluent. The main point is to keep the same style through the whole video and trying to combine the ideas as one.

We have researched about what kind of software should we use for the animation and we have considered that the one which is filling all the requirements that we need is GoAnimate (

GoAnimate is a cloud-based platform for making animated business videos. It allows users to develop both narrative videos, in which characters speak with lip-sync and move around, and video presentations, in which a voice-over narrator speaks over images and props, which may also move around. (source:

In order to use that we propose to the other groupmates to pay €6/person to buy the software. One of the advantages is that everyone can change slides from his/her place and you can create your own characters/props/backgrounds.

We already started to combine the scripts and we all agreed to have a main character who will be speaking over all the slides. The main character will present everything as a 3rd person and it will point in the video to the main things that we consider important to emphasize.

UPDATE: we are making everything as a hand-drawn animation!!100dcdc73ed24424cf81ca17f4c5513a


Our main goal is to finish the video until the weekend (Halloween is coming! Hihi, joking, we just want to get as much feedback as we can, and to get the chance to change anything if it’s wrong or misunderstood) and post a preview as soon as possible. In addition, after the disscusion with our NGO, Shorty, we agreed to show her first the final video after it is posted on youtube.

Stay tuned and feel free to comment to our weekly post!

Tiny Innovators

PS: I attached some pictures from Monday class to see how it’s going to look like!


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pozasmechhhHeeeey everybody! I’m Alexandra Gurita (just to keep in mind, I will write about this later: gurita =  little mouth, translated from romanian), you can call me whatever you want except “Alex” (my mom used to call me that when she was upset, not a good thing, I guess). I am the group’s documentarian and my main role is to gather all the information about all the project.

 So, basically this should be a post about me and about my impressions. But… Always is a “but”. I’ll try to write everything that comes to my mind now about this subject. 🙂

My first impression about this week is that everybody is actually getting serious and I like it A LOT. I also like that you have different ways of doing things which allows you to express your thoughts and I feel very comfortable in my role now.

As far as I have heard from my mates, they think that my superpower is actually the fact that I can talk A LOT and I agree. I think that my superpower is actually connected to my name, Gurita. ( I talked about this sooner ).  Basically, it doesn’t matter what I am talking about, the thing that matter is that I can. Hihihihihii.

So, ‘till next time, hope you actually enjoy reading our posts on this blog (specially mine hihhihi again) and hope you’ll be following us!