Jamie’s Superpower


So this space below has been reserved for me! A little bit of information about who I am, why I am here and what I like. Enjoy..

I think the first thing I should do is tell you my name… Jamie Suggs Boon (Yes it is a little weird). My dad is to blame for my middle name ‘Suggs’, who is a massive music fanatic. Suggs is a lead singer from a British band called Madness, who were very popular in the 80’s. Clink this link to one of their most popular song, what do you think? Forward to 1.00 minute and that is Suggs, with his ‘fantastic’ hair cut.

Anyway enough about my name and more about actual me. I am British and love a wide variety of things. Firstly I enjoy music, which isn’t surprising as I’m named after a band member! My favourite thing about music is going to festivals!! Who doesn’t love a festival? For the last two years I have worked at Glastonbury (One of the biggest festivals in the world), where in return for a ticket I work and the wages I would have earned are donated to a charity which I represent. It is great fun, and hopefully I will be doing it again next year!

Another of the things that I love is travelling! Which I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this will agree that they also do. I haven’t travelled as much as I want but I have lived in Australia for a year which was great fun, and travelled Fiji, a little of the United States and now I’m here in the Netherlands! I don’t want to bore you anymore, so I’ll try and wrap things up..

My role within my group is Client Services and I think my ‘superpower’ which I bring to my team of Tiny Innovators is my sense of humour (Although I wish it was teleporting, which would be awesome). I am constantly trying to keep people upbeat and I like to have a joke around, which seems to be working so far! (We’ll see if they get annoyed with it soon)


So I realised you may not all understand this.. Another name for a mushroom is fungi (which is pronounced the same as fun guy) Make sense? If not ask me!

Anyway, that is all for my first blog. Thanks for reading!


Oskar’s superpower

Hi everyone!

First of all, I think I should start by introducing myself. My name is Oskar Jordan, and i am 19 year old student from Latvia. I have never had any experience in blogging or anything like that before, I personally prefer to express myself in a physical way.

Actually I think that blogging is a bit wierd because everyone can read your personal information and use it however they want.

In a current project I have a role of Tech steward, which is a bit funny, because as I have said I have never had an experience in blogging, and I am the one who is responsible for the blog. Nevertheless I hope that i will get used to it soon and everything will be alright.

As my superpower I concider it to be getting used to everything, for example I got used riding a bike instead of taking a bus or a tram, I got used to saying “dankjewel” instead of saying something else in stores.

So, I guess thats it for now, thank you for reading!f50c78a33ab91cb402c6b905a2966d405bfc0386102f14caa0b1afe13aa33c71


Hey , everyone .
My name is Jeroen and I love expressing myself i any creative way you can think of .
Whether its music , art , design or whatever you can come up with . Which seems kind of antithetic to me being a very introvert person. I am 21 years old and am a first year IDE student.
I’m half dutch and half german but I’ve lived the past 5 years in Denmark. I don’t really identify with a nationality , so I’d consider myself european .
I take the responsibility for the product management in this certain project . In this particular case we work together with an NGO called Tiny-houses .All of this is very new and interesting to me .
I can’t think of any superpower right now other than that you could probably smoke though my ears, so I#m just gonna leave this open for my next Post .


Introducing Myself

Well hello guys,

my name is Michael Dresler and I am a first year student at the Hague University of Applied Sience. My role in the group will be the one of the team leader. I enjoy my work with the group so far and I have a great feeling for my future studies with them.

But first of all let me introduce myself a little bit further: I am 21 years old and originally come from Germany. I am very interested in exploring new horizons and exploring myself, so I went on an exchange to Ecuador in 2010-2011. I am also into alot of sports and I like to challange myself with problem solving. I love to travel and meeting other people from around the world who are on the same jurney as I am.

With every new experience I like to redifine myself and to come out the end a stronger version of myself. So my superpower is rebirth or reincarnation.DIes-and-goes-to-heaven-Sentenced-to-eternal-reincarnation-and-eternal-bad-luck-meme-5032

Tiny Blog

            So we are the Tiny Innovators and this is out first blog! We are going to give you a little bit of information about our NGO for our Project Communities assignment.

            To start things off – The Tiny House movement, also known as the small house movement, which is now spreading worldwide, is a trend where people choose to live their lives in smaller houses. A tiny house is generally supposed to be between 65 to 400 square feet, compared to a small house which, in most cases is between 400 to 1700 square feet. This trend is spread around by the Tiny House Intentional Communities, our NGO.

            The Tiny House Intentional Community consists of a group of ten acquaintances who are in the process of either building tiny houses or being in the process of doing so. “The real message behind the tiny house movement and simple living for me is being more conscious about how we live. This includes the purchasing and consumption decisions that we make but it also includes even deeper things like making goals for our lives and getting rid of the necessary ‘baggage’ to get what we want.”[1]

The Tiny House community in Florida now has over 1000 members in the Florida Tiny House Enthusiast Facebook group and is still expanding! If you’re looking for other tiny house communities, a list of communities from the USA is constantly being updating here: http://tinyhousetalk.com/communities.

            People who already accepted this challenge gave feedback in regards to the many benefits of living in a tiny house. Some examples of these are: living with nature, having a better environment, cleaning/maintaining the house takes less time, bills are cheaper, having freedom and independence, easy and manageable living space. Tiny houses best suit someone who is looking for a “space to be near a body of water, close enough to a big city and shopping, but not on a main high
way or train line.”[2]

            Furthermore, it is possible to finance a tiny house by getting a RV (Recreational Vehicle) certification for it. Financing is easier to get if you have good credit. If you wanted to build your own house, the costs would be around $25,000 to $30,000 in materials. If you wanted to buy a tiny house that has already been built then you can expect to pay from $27,000 to $68,000 for a home sized between 64 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft.[3]

Of course challenges are always going to be present. Currently the challenges that our NGO is now being confronted with in 2015 are with getting funding from investors, creating starter homes and planning for an off-grid and self-sustaining tiny house community with this last challenge having the most emphasis and being the main goal.

Our contact for this project is Shorty Robbins, who is part of the Golden Teacup: A Tiny Victorian Community. This society which is interested in the portrayal of women from 1860-1865 – the American civil war period, began in 1997. This organization is recognized for its dedicated portrayals with attention to historic details. The Golden Teacup Society sets up camp with tents in dedicated civilian areas and recreates the homes, to portray the lives of women left behind during the war. When doing this they asked visitors to imagine the tents were homes, and this is where the Tiny House Community came into the picture. Not only did it create the solution to no longer needing to imagine the tents were homes, but also the many laboring hours they put into setting up the tents at every new area. [4]

To conclude the tiny house movement is in their own words: “about taking a stand on our human rights while creating and spreading freedom for ourselves and others because we deserve it. You deserve it. We’re here to end homelessness for good by inspiring and creating affordable homes to help all beings on this planet live happy and free.”[5] Now we have gathered some information about our NGO, and figured out what their accomplishments have been and what their aims and goals are for the future. This is something we can not wait to get involved in, and look forward to working with them and kick starting our project!

Keep your eyes open for more posts from us…we will be adding frequently and soon!

Tiny Innovators


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