Week 3/Work Teams

This week, our workshops resulted in a thorough introspection that led to the conclusion that our interests and passions are shared and our gifts complete one another. We discovered that our common natural gifts consist of creativity, detail attention, being open minded and analysing human behaviour. Moreover, the less popular ones were mathematics and orientation in space.

Our common passions are the capacity to improvise, of being organised and being sociable, being open to exchange ideas, spending time in nature (which leads to eco-friendly behaviour for a sustainable life-style). All of these are interconnected to our passion for urban arts and outdoors activities.

We realised that people need an innovative and useful design and we wish to invest in this unusual art. With this purpose in mind, we add our passion to interview and have contact with people.

In conclusion, our sweet spot is creating products that come as a solution for the problems that people have at an universal level, avoiding boredom, investing in the unusual, the creative, valuing details. (see the diagram)


Furthermore, we found out in our group meetings that we work very efficently as a team because we organised ours tasks correctly leeding that everybody is doing his job well and we take our tasks in serious. Monday (13.09) we presented in the front of our class the review of what we did last week and we talked about the needs of our NGO.

 As a matter of fact our groups sweet spot is creating products as a solution for problems, preferably in a creative way. In this case we’re being confronted with a community in need of sustainability and a financial foundation. One of the final ideas would be creating an online platform f.ex. a blog we could use for advertisements and donations to gain financial stability and sustainability.


10 thoughts on “Week 3/Work Teams”

  1. Psst, a little hint. Unless you created that image, it is right and good to link to the source. Alan has created a cool tool to generate the HTML to insert attribution http://cogdog.github.io/flickr-cc-helper/

    If you DID create the image, you can cite yourselves. Then put a creative commons license on it and others can use it, and spread your ideas. The power of openness!


    1. Hello Nancy 🙂
      Thanks for your suggestion, I created the images, so can you elaborate how to do this? I don’t really understand how to do it on the website, haha.


  2. I was also going to mention the credits for pictures you get from somewhere else, but Nancy beat me to it. Besides that, I am curious as to what your team sweetspot really is, specifically which combination of gifts, passions and purpose(s) overlap all 3 circles?


    1. Hi Laura,

      The sweet spot from the image is actually our made only from our common gifts, passions and purposes. And as we write before, our sweet spot is creating products that come as a solution for the problems that people have at an universal level, avoiding boredom, investing in the unusual, the creative, valuing details.


  3. I also wanted to clarify about the sweet spot, although I’m not the first one. You have a nice description of your team’s passions. How do they make you unique among other designers ?


  4. I am quite interesting about the purpose which you mentioned “innovative and useful design of product”. Could you give more details?


  5. Alexandra, sorry for the slow reply. Alan’s tool generates a bit of code to paste into your blog post with the attribution information. You might ask him for more details!


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