pozasmechhhHeeeey everybody! I’m Alexandra Gurita (just to keep in mind, I will write about this later: gurita =  little mouth, translated from romanian), you can call me whatever you want except “Alex” (my mom used to call me that when she was upset, not a good thing, I guess). I am the group’s documentarian and my main role is to gather all the information about all the project.

 So, basically this should be a post about me and about my impressions. But… Always is a “but”. I’ll try to write everything that comes to my mind now about this subject. 🙂

My first impression about this week is that everybody is actually getting serious and I like it A LOT. I also like that you have different ways of doing things which allows you to express your thoughts and I feel very comfortable in my role now.

As far as I have heard from my mates, they think that my superpower is actually the fact that I can talk A LOT and I agree. I think that my superpower is actually connected to my name, Gurita. ( I talked about this sooner ).  Basically, it doesn’t matter what I am talking about, the thing that matter is that I can. Hihihihihii.

So, ‘till next time, hope you actually enjoy reading our posts on this blog (specially mine hihhihi again) and hope you’ll be following us!


4 thoughts on “SuperAlexandra”

  1. I noticed quickly that you like to talk, very cheerful talk btw. I will try to remember to say Alexandra, but I don’t think it will be hard since
    you introduced yourself to me,
    As Alexandra G


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