Oskar’s superpower

Hi everyone!

First of all, I think I should start by introducing myself. My name is Oskar Jordan, and i am 19 year old student from Latvia. I have never had any experience in blogging or anything like that before, I personally prefer to express myself in a physical way.

Actually I think that blogging is a bit wierd because everyone can read your personal information and use it however they want.

In a current project I have a role of Tech steward, which is a bit funny, because as I have said I have never had an experience in blogging, and I am the one who is responsible for the blog. Nevertheless I hope that i will get used to it soon and everything will be alright.

As my superpower I concider it to be getting used to everything, for example I got used riding a bike instead of taking a bus or a tram, I got used to saying “dankjewel” instead of saying something else in stores.

So, I guess thats it for now, thank you for reading!f50c78a33ab91cb402c6b905a2966d405bfc0386102f14caa0b1afe13aa33c71


2 thoughts on “Oskar’s superpower”

  1. Hi Oskar, well as it goes, I was just talking to Alan and Nancy today about Technology Stewardship and how it’s not simply about being geeky, nerdy, and knowing all of the techy stuff… It’s about offering the needed support for the team in setting up “shop” so to speak. Which you have done, so that’s great!


  2. Hello Laura, well I think i have learned the basics about setting up the blog and it seems for me that everything is good for now. Todays workshop showed me how important is tech stewardship in our team, that it is not just about blogs but aout all the social network activity aswell.


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