Introducing Myself

Well hello guys,

my name is Michael Dresler and I am a first year student at the Hague University of Applied Sience. My role in the group will be the one of the team leader. I enjoy my work with the group so far and I have a great feeling for my future studies with them.

But first of all let me introduce myself a little bit further: I am 21 years old and originally come from Germany. I am very interested in exploring new horizons and exploring myself, so I went on an exchange to Ecuador in 2010-2011. I am also into alot of sports and I like to challange myself with problem solving. I love to travel and meeting other people from around the world who are on the same jurney as I am.

With every new experience I like to redifine myself and to come out the end a stronger version of myself. So my superpower is rebirth or reincarnation.DIes-and-goes-to-heaven-Sentenced-to-eternal-reincarnation-and-eternal-bad-luck-meme-5032


4 thoughts on “Introducing Myself”

  1. Ah Michael, quite obvious you are into sports 😉 and I’m curious as to know which ones. Or did you already write that on the flipchart on day 1?
    Besides Germany, I see a bit of other influences as well, what are they?


    1. Hey Laura, I think I wrote that allready on day one, but I have no problem with bringing it down again, I do alot of weightlifting and running, although I dont have that much tim to do so recently 🙂
      What du you mean with influences specifically? I´m sorry Laura, I guess I don´t really got your question 🙂


    1. Ah ofcause, thank you Laura. 🙂 Beside my heritage, all the different countrys, which I was pleased to visit till now, had a profound inpacked on me. Especially my student exchange to Ecuador, showed me a completly different side of life and introduced me to the maravellous culture of South America and experiences I would never like to miss. Expiriences which hopefully lead me to the right choices for my futur creation process.

      In the IDE programm I have, once again, the possibility to excange expierences and ideas with people from all around the world and I hope the first weeks and inspecially our groupwork will show how resourceful this can be. A process I enjoy very much and Im looking forward to 🙂


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